Nobody was born a professional salesperson. selling is a skill like any other skills out there. you should know, sales skill can be developed.

Modern Rules On How To Sell Anything To Anyone

  1. Sell Logic and Emotions
  2. Find EmotionsTrigger
  3. Build Trust
  4. Lead The Conversation

Logic and Emotions

The basic truth about sales is that an effective salesperson should understand that sales are not all about a product or service, but of self. When I say “of self” I mean the right use of emotion in sales. Zig Ziglar once said; “logic makes people think, while emotion makes them act.
The use of emotion and logic gets you the sales you want. So you should understand by now, the combination of logic and emotion get’s you the better results you need to balance your sales.

Most times we humans base our decisions on emotions. you should know our heart really rules over our head.

Why Coca-cola win on sales over Pepsi

To me and most people, we all think Pepsi taste truly beat Coca-cola taste, but the big question on everybody’s mind is why then do coca-cola win on sales?

The reason why Coca-cola win on sales over Pepsi is very simple, Coke reaches out and connect with emotions.

examples; Remember when coke put names on bottles and encouraged us to share a coke with friends, and with just that strategy, they connected with everyone around the world 

share a coke

Find Emotions Trigger

To be able to make good sales you need to connect with your customers, emotionally. your main message needs to talk to the heart, not the head.

to be a successful salesperson you need to know how to go the extra mile when promoting your products, brand or services. you really need to understand the role psychology plays in selling.

understanding the way your customers think when specific emotions are triggered, can really take your marketing campaigns to the next level. also knowing how to trigger a variety of emotions with your marketing campaigns will surely be a plus to your sales.

I’m going to show you how you can trigger a variety of emotions with different marketing campaigns. As a result, you’ll be able to drive more sales.

Use The Power Of Fear

fear is one of the most useful emotions, you can use to drive sales. Creating fear with your customers on what they missing out about your product is known as FOMO ( fear of missing out).

How can I do that? I’m guessing that’s the big question on your mind. well, it’s very simple, for example, you can run ads for your product offering “50% off in 3in1 product for 24hours”. this type of strategy will cause your customers to act very fast for the fear of missing out(FOMO) on the sale discount.

how to sell anything to anyone

Take Advantage Of Greed

Customers are always greedy by nature, but there’s nothing wrong with that. you can use that as a salesperson to your advantage when running your advertisement.

To take advantage, offer your product at a discounted rate, and then upsell to your customers. A good example is to “buy one and get one free”

takeing advantage of greed

Establish / Build Trust

Establishing trust is another powerful way to drive sales. Never you surprise your customers with any hidden fees. once your customers trust you, it will be easier to increase your sales. and make sure you ask for reviews after purchase.

Lead The Conversation

Conversation, as a salesperson serves as a building block in the creation of relationships with your customers. it’s also a gateway to your customer’s heart if navigated successfully.

When talking to your customers, conversation topics are hard to come by, unlike when you’re talking to a friend. for example; you can tell your friend anything, even about a new book your planning on releasing, but if you do that with customers, they might just think you want to sell it to them.

so the question now is, how can I lead the conversation? I will list how to successfully start a conversation with your customers.

this is all about showing your customers that you know what’s going on, in the market place. when your customers think you’re providing some valuable information to them, they will really want to listen.

When done listening to your customers, A good salesperson should start off the conversation with “At the moment I know a lot is going on in your sector that looks like the following…”  You need to show your customers you know exactly what is happening.

Engage With A Question

In order to start a good conversation, first, you need to get your customers talking and to do that a question is a great tool for engaging your customers. for example; you can start by asking them the challenges they are facing. and just like, you will be able to dig into their challenge and your conversation is good to go.


Remember, emotions are very powerful. as a good salesperson, you need to learn how to effectively stimulate it to be able to drive sales.

Fear and Greed are also as powerful as emotions, so use it to make your customers act in a certain way. always remember to build trust with your customers.

if you follow all these tips, you’ll be looking at becoming a good salesperson in no time and also increase your sales revenue.

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    This is amazing, am sure putting all of these into practice.

    Thank you

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    This makes complete sense. Very enlightening.

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    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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