It is a fact that link building is a never-ending process in Search engine optimization, but it involves a lot of tactics and creativity. While link building can be a very hard process, it can also be easy if one follows the smart route to the process.

Here are some of the efficient ways to spot and build links to websites in 2020.

1. NO-brainer link building i.e unlinked brands, products, names e.t.c

This is one of the most efficient and easy ways to build links in 2020. This entails simply going to google, and researching unlinked brands, products and names, and use this opportunity to send a message or email asking the webmasters to link back to your website link the items and products back to your website. It is one of the easiest ways to get a link to your website in 2020.

2. Unlinked images

Unlinked image is one of the ways to get links to your website in 2020. Perhaps you have a lot of pictures, graphics, and infographics that are special to your brand or domain, all you need to do is to use Google reverse image search and put in the images that you think might have been taken or used on other websites. You will immediately see what those websites are and whether or not they link back to your site.

Just like the first method, you can ask the website that uses these graphics to link back to your website.

3. Keep an eye on recently lost links

Perhaps you have contributed a post linking to your website on another website and that website recently made some recent readjustment on their website, you could politely reclaim the lost links.

Although this could be very thankful, yet it always worth it when the result comes out. hence, trace old articles that have links that are linking to your website and see if they still have those links. If they don’t you can politely ask the webmasters to link back to your site with the right anchor text.

4. Move backlinks target to recent articles

This is a new concept that was introduced by Briteny Muller at, you could redirect links pointing to old pages that are no longer relevant to the new relevant pages on your websites.

5. Build relationships

The relevance of relationship building when we discuss links in SEO cannot be overemphasized. Relationships help you with a better link offer. Research has shown that one of the most ever relevant and effective ways to get backlinks is to build a good and strong relationship.

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